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My name is Jenny, I’m an environmentalist located in Vancouver Canada.

I’m passionate. Passionate about our water, and how we seem to not care what happens to it. I could spend the next few days trying to explain why water is our most important resource and why we need to do a better job of protecting it.

But I know most people won’t read all of it or care, unfortunately! So I found some great info-graphics that may help convince you of the importance of water.

clean water

save water

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Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance in Your Area

So Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance Near You?

Lately, I have tried to restructure some of the finances in my life. One of the areas I am considering making a few changes to is that of my car insurance. I had no idea that there were so many companies offering car insurance. I mean, I haven’t been living under a rock but there are some I have never heard of in my life. The biggest question in my mind is who has the cheapest car insurance in your area and do you know why it’s cheaper.

There are several contributing factors to the rates quoted for vehicle insurance. I personally always preferred going with a name I trust but then again, that’s like paying more for Jordans simply because of the name. I know a lot of people do it but I think I’ll do a little research to see if these cheaper insurance companies are offering equal or perhaps better coverage. It would be devastating to learn that I have been spending hundreds more in insurance than necessary, when I could get the same or better quality service with another company. I have to develop a strategy to be sure I ask all the correct questions and weigh the pros and cons in switching also.

I began by contacting my current policy provider and asking if there was anything I could do to decrease my payments without compromising the quality of my coverage. After presenting a few options, I discovered that adding my home and boat to my coverage would probably save me about $400 annually.  Not bad, but still not the wow factor I was expecting. It is a savings and if nothing else presented itself, I would consider this as an option. I spoke with another company that offered online insurance coverage and they offered me a great rate with no down payment. I would actually pay $147 less per month for auto insurance. This is the company that has my attention.

I am currently reviewing their business ratings and talking to their customers that have experienced accidents or other issues that require them to file a claim. I needed to be sure that they have a positive approach and reasonable response time to these issues. One of their customers stated that he switched to them to save money and like me, did extensive research. He says that he doesn’t regret the decision and this is his eighth year with them. I think I’ve found out who has the cheapest car insurance in my area and they just gained a new customer. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance I highly recommend: http://www.whohasthecheapestautoinsurance.com/

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Our New Partnership – With a car insurance company no less

I’m happy to announce our new partnership with autoinsurancemonkey.com. Autoinsurancemonkey helps people find cheap car insurance near them. So what does that have to do with clean water you might be thinking?

Nothing at all!

Insurance and water don’t mix. But in this case they do!

Autoinsurancemonkey is in the beginning stages of creating a water development fundraiser. The site hopes to raise at least $1000 for clean water initiatives in the developing world.

Currently we are still in final preparations of launching; but the fundraiser should go live very soon. We just have a few things to work out on our end.


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